Erin is going viral thanks to this clip!

Erin Molan is going VIRAL on TikTok!

And it’s all thanks to South Park!

Erin Molan discussed the controversial Royals episode of South Park on her Sky News show ‘Erin’.

Without her knowledge, the clip was posted on TikTok on a page called “Newscurated4you”.

Hear what Hughesy, Ed and Erin had to say about Erin’s new viral stardom!

It’s not like I did or said anything that was brilliant!

Erin Molan – Hughesy, Ed & Erin

The clip left the crew perplexed, as the counter climbs over 1.1 million views and COUNTING.

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Take a look at the clip in question below!

Erin’s currently going viral on TikTok

We’ll be keeping a keen eye as the clip continues to climb the ranker on Tiktok!

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