Fev & Nick Cody in shock

Hear The Uncensored Moment Brendan Fevola Dropped The F-Bomb Live On Air

During Fifi, Fev & Nick’s World Record Radio Show, Brendan Fevola accidentally dropped the F-bomb with 15 minutes to go in the record-breaking marathon show.


Hear the moment Fev dropped the F-bomb live on air:

During the marathon show, hosts Brendan Fevola and Nick Cody weighed themselves before and after 27 hours in studio when the incident occurred.

“I was 124.9… I’ve eaten 8 kilos of food” Fev explains

“He’s back on the scale, that was 125.2” Fifi Box responds

“I got all this s*** in me [sic] pocket” Fev reiterates

“Point 8! You lost another!” Box replies

“Shred’s on!”

Fev attempts one final weigh-in.

“Oh f***!”

“Oh no, Fev! With 15 minutes to go” Cody sighs in disappointment.

What a moment in radio history!

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