Fifi Box visibly distraught in studio

Fifi Box’s Daughter Rushed To Hospital After Horrifying Seizure

Fifi Box reveals the horrifying moment she had to rush her 4-year-old daughter to hospital following a seizure.

Fifi Box was absent Wednesday morning for her Melbourne breakfast show Fifi, Fev & Nick on The Fox when the scary incident occurred, which sparked a concerning conversation about the lack of health resources and government funding cuts.

Fifi Box’s Daughter Rushed To Hospital:

“I took her temperature, it was 39.5. And I went ‘okay, this is getting serious'” Fifi explains she had to call her doctor.

“She was lying in bed… she woke up and her little eyes rolled back in her head”

“She wouldn’t look at me, then she started clenching her jaw, then she started full convulsions”

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Incredibly terrifying. Thankfully, Fifi reported she was finally able to admit her into a hospital, but not without its troubles.

“I rang and they said ‘we just can’t get her in’… I rang three other surgeries around us, no one could get us in”

“I couldn’t believe that I couldn’t get into a doctor. And I know there’s of lot pressure around this at the moment”

Hear the full conversation via the free LiSTNR app with Melburnians working in and out of the health systems sharing their experiences.

This isn’t the first time 4-year-old Daisy has had an unfortunate event.