$100,000 Time Game Winner Reveals How He’ll Spend the Money

Carrie & Tommy awarded listener Nick Wilksch with $100,000 after he was able to correctly stop the timer on exactly five seconds.

In the lead up to the radio competition, the Mt. Gambier local shared with the drive show hosts that he was recently engaged and planned to use the money to fund a Viking Wedding in Denmark:

“My mum’s from there, so we’d love to do a viking wedding over in Denmark”

Watch the moment Nick stopped the timer and ultimately won the Time Game:

Upon winning, Nick informed the team that he would be going straight to the pub for some celebratory drinks, and as we found out just days later, he made good on his promise:

Carrie & Tommy’s Time Game is played on a weekly basis, incrementally going up by $100 per week, and in its four year history, the jackpot has gone off FOUR TIMES!

The first time occurred in February 2023, where the jackpot had reached a $10,000 cash prize, and to celebrate this figure, Carrie decided to TRIPLE the prize money to 30k – putting in 20k of her own money!

Watch here

The following two wins came in shock moments, where listener Daniel walked away with $1,800, and listener Rachel walked away with $50,000 after one of the show’s most emotional wins.

When asked what Rachel would spend the money on, she revealed a story that broke our hearts:

“I’m currently homeless, so a caravan and a car would be lovely”

To the nation’s shock, Rachel, was one with time, and successfully stoped the timer on precisely five seconds:

Watch here