bec's golfing technique gets roasted by greg blewett

Can Bec Handle This Swing At Her Golfing Technique From Greg Blewett?!

Bec has been invited to a corporate golf day, so she’s been getting a bit of practice in at the driving range.

The only way to get better is with feedback, so Bec & Soda invite cricket superstar and expert golfer Greg Blewett to serve Bec the…bad news.


Blewey is regarded for his test and one-day cricket career during the mid to late 90s, and now plays regular golf at several of South Australia’s best courses.

“Now first thing that came to mind is Adam Scott, he’s renowned for having one of the best swings in the game of golf,” Blewey said.

“It’s nothing like his.”

Close to tears from laughter, Bec asks “is there anything that can save my technique Blewey?”

Let’s be fair, this chat is at least 90% a complete roasting. Worth the listen though.

How NOT To Swing With Bec Morse:

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