What Are ‘Near-Death Experiences’? Doctor Who Studied Thousands Of Cases Says Life Exists After Death 

“About 20% of near-death experiences describe encounters with their deceased loved ones, these are joyous reunions”.

For this episode of SeaFM’s Lift The Lid Bianca, Ben, and Lakey are joined by Dr Jeffrey Long. Jeffrey started his career as a radiation oncologist and “wasn’t a believer” with his scientific background he never believed in the afterlife. After witnessing thousands of “near-death experiences” with his cancer patients he became a believer.  

“When you have a near-death experience you have that life-threatening event, you’re so physically compromised, your unconscious or even clinically dead with no heartbeat. The common, first thing that happens with a near-death experience is what’s called a ‘out of body experience’, consciousness separates from the body, typically rising above the body and from the vantage point they can see ongoing earthling events”. 

Listen to Doctor Jeffrey’s experience here:

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