Australia’s Most High-Profile Escort Amanda Goff “The Older I Got, The More Expensive I Got, The More In Demand I Got”

At 37 Amanda Goff walked away from her 9-5 Journalism job and became Australia’s most high-profile escort. SeaFM’s Bianca, Ben and Lakey have Amanda, also known as Samantha X, on the show talking about how she got into the industry and the reason why people pay for her services.  

“I will just say it’s for research purposes if I get busted” Amanda explains that she started because she was intrigued by the adult industry after interviewing a couple of girls in her journalism job. Saying “curiosity got the better of me” as she was so intrigued about quitting her job and joining the industry.

Amanda says after being in the industry for 10 years now that her job really isn’t about sex and when she is booked for services the main part is talking and being a therapist as that’s when “the flood gates open”.

Listen to the full interview with Amanda here:

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