“1 In 6 Gold Coast Kids Struggle With A Form Of Anxiety And Depression” Bianca Dye’s Emotional Ted Talk

This week Bianca Dye from SeaFM’s Bianca, Ben and Lakey turns 50 and all week she is ticking things off her bucket list. Today she does a ‘Ted Talk’ on Anxiety and how she was diagnosed with generalised Anxiety and the day-to-day struggles that come with that diagnosis.

“I want to face my fears I don’t want it to conquer me” she says as she admits she didn’t sleep “a wink last night”.

Bianca starts her Ted Talk saying 1 in 3 wake up every morning with “dread”. Dread about things that happened yesterday, that happened 10 years ago, dread for tomorrows unknown.

Listen to her full Ted Talk here:

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