kellie gardner on safm with bec and soda

Kellie Gardner Opens Up About Terminal Cancer Diagnosis

27-year-old Kellie Gardner is about to start chemo again today following a terminal diagnosis with bowel cancer.

12 months ago Kellie had received her initial diagnosis and until January this year, her doctors believed to have removed it all.


When Kellie began to experience a tightening and her PCR test came back negative for Covid, her doctors ordered a CT scan to get a better picture.

The nightmare worsened when the scan revealed her cancer had metastasised to her lungs.

Kellie’s message to anyone with tummy problems is that “bowel cancer is not just for the elderly”.

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She is bright and positive despite her situation and is an inspiration to us all, joining Bec & Soda on SAFM to share her story.

Kellie is the fiancee of Port Adelaide AFL star Jeremy Finlayson who became first-time parents to daughter to Sophia.

Sophia was only 3 months old when Kellie was first diagnosed.

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