Facebook on phone, mysterious female eyes behind cash (Melb Gal Pals cover photo)

Are You A Member Of This Secret Melbourne Facebook Society?

A secret Melbourne Facebook society group has been exposed by Fifi, Fev & Nick that could come as a blessing or a curse if you are currently on the dating scene.

Details on Melbourne Secret Facebook Society:

Turns out it’s not just Melbourne, this is a global Facebook community ranging from London to Paris to New York with thousands of members in each.

“Major cities have them, our one is ‘Melbourne Gal Pals’… today, already 102 posts have gone up”

“The main topic is ‘are we dating the same guy?'”

Cohost Brendan Fevola isn’t too impressed with the idea.

“I think this is disgusting that people have that… it’s criminal”

“That’s up to everyone’s due diligence” Box replies

A spokesperson from the Facebook group gave the inside word from a friend who runs Brisbane’s Gal Pals page.

“There’s been so many guys caught out in it, she’s had cease and desist letters from lawyers, she’s actually had death threats to the point she had to get a VPN so she couldn’t get located”

This sounds like some serious business! Are you involved?

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