Soda's famous south aussie relation

Apparently Soda Is Related To A Knighted South Australian?!

Imagine discovering you’re related to a famously knighted South Australian one day in conversation with your mum!

Soda’s mum Betty who lives in Melbourne discovered a relation to the famous ‘Sir’ through and reveals to Bec & Soda all the details.

Find out who it is now:

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Betty explains the relation in the family which makes Soda an illegitimate great grandchild of this famous South Australian.

“He used to come regularly to Melbourne all the time to see her,” Betty said.

“It looks like they had a child every year, so I don’t know how regularly he came,” she said.

Soda is amused at the statement adding, “I do, A LOT!”

TV Shows like Finding Your Roots and Who Do You Think You Are?, are some of the popular shows which have brought genealogy research into popular culture.

Are you related to someone well known?

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