The Untold Importance Of Sleep For Your Well-Being With Alain de Botton’s

Does the stigma around mental health impact your view of life? Joining Sarah Grynberg is prolific author, philosopher and creator of the School Of Life Alain de Botton, who is not only the brain behind 15 internationally bestselling books, but a man who strives to understand the meaning of life.

In this eye-opening conversation, Alain and Sarah discuss the force and impact that love can have throughout life, how a person’s mental breakdown is not the end of their life but often the beginning, and how childhood experiences, no matter how traumatic, don’t have to define a person if they work to nurture their wellbeing.

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If you struggle to embrace all the things that are messy in life, and that you can’t control, let this episode prove that there is joy in that messiness, and always a purpose. 

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