Intimacy Coach Rosie Rees Explains The Importance Of The #StopSuckingItIn Movement


Time to revisit one of the most iconic eps of Abbie Chatfield’s It’s A Lot Podcast!

Back in 2021, Abbie was joined by the Founder of the ‘Yoni Pleasure Palace’ and Nude Yoga queen Rosie Reeds to discuss nudity, squirting and her #StopSuckingItIn Movement.

“There are two things that really happen when we are sucking in our belly all day,” Rosie said on It’s A Lot.

“First of all if you are sucking it in, try and take a full breath. You can’t breath,”

“You are breathing up in your chest in your upper lungs and that’s creating more anxiety in the body.”

“And the other thing that is happening is gynaecologists are saying that you get this over active pelvic floor.”

“So if you are sucking in your belly you are actually unconsciously sucking in your vagina and your pelvic floor muscles.

Abbie said she’s been on board the movement thanks to Rosie’s social media.

“I’m trying to not suck my stomach in because of your Instagram. I’m like ‘Rosie will be so disappointed in you’,” Abbie joked.

“It’s really hard to stop doing because it’s even part of my posture because it’s been happening since I was a kid, and for what?”



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