Scientists Have Finally Confirmed The Two Reasons You’re Getting Grey Hair

Attention Silver Foxes: you’re probably aware that genetics has had a big say in your silvery top (or sides). But we now know there is another major factor in the salt-and-pepper in your hair and beard. Internationally-renowned scientist, podcaster and medical professional Dr Andrew Huberman explains the science behind grey hair:

Speaking to Sarah Grynberg on the ‘A Life Of Greatness’ podcast, Dr Huberman explained the science behind grey hair and aging, including the six key pillars of health.

Chief among those is sunlight. We need exposure to the sun, especially in the morning, for our skin, our hair and our overall wellbeing. 20 minutes of morning sun is great for our hair and scalp as hair follicles have Vitamin D, which gets a boost from exposure to the sun.

“Sunlight is the most important thing in your day that will do more good for you than any supplement or vitamin.”

On the other side, going prolonged periods without sunlight can be a contributing factor to depression.

Less surprising advice is the power of breathing. And especially ‘double-breathing’. Dr Huberman recommended this as the best way to relieve stress. To ‘double breathe’, take in a breath, then take another on top of it, then release all the air in one long sustained breath out.

So if you’ve been telling your mates to ‘take a deep breath’ when they get stressed, you’re actually not helping them. Better: tell them to ‘give a deep breath out’.

In this exclusive Australian interview recorded in-person in Sydney, Sarah and Andrew discuss how sunlight exposure influences mental health and longevity,  Andrew shares his thoughts on sunscreen and the relevance of sunglasses. They discuss the importance of managing blue light exposure, strategies for maintaining vitality and your skin’s elasticity and firmness as
we age, the importance of honouring your passions, and Sarah finds out if the anti-ageing creams many of us use on our skin are actually doing anything.

Not that grey hair is something you need to ‘fix’. In fact, a 2017 study showed that 72% of women said they found grey hair in men hot.

The reason behind the change in colour is the melanin in the hair. Our genetics and/or stress can contribute to hair follicles not producing the melanin required to colour our hair.

Listen to the whole conversation with Dr Andrew Huberman here on LiSTNR’s A Life Of Greatness, including the six key pillars of health.

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