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Rumour Has It Plant-Based Milk Can Alter Your Hormones

Plant-based milk is no longer just a fad, it’s a way of life with more than just lactose free and vegans reaching for the plant-based alternative. 

These days, there are almost too many to count including soy milk, coconut milk, almond milk, oat milk and many, many more. But while health gurus are some of the first to promote plant-based alternatives, is there a chance that they are messing with our hormones? 

Plant-based milks are usually made up of some type of grain, seed or nut and blended with water. This method has actually been around for centuries with the North African drink Hochata, a milk made from tiger nuts, invented around a thousand years ago. 

Soy milk has also been around for a long time with evidence of the plant-based milk engraved into stone from the Eastern Han around 100 CE.

While soy milk has been around for a long time, the soy milk found in supermarkets today is different to the more ancient forms of the plant-based milk. The new methods of brewing has led some people to believe that soy milk can alter a person’s hormone levels. 

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Apparently, there is a common myth that soy can alter a person’s estrogen levels, which can lead to breast cancer or thyroid issues. 

Many studies have been done to refute these claims including a metanalysis in 2006 which actually indicated that a high soy intake could be associated with a reduced risk of breast cancer. 

A UK study concluded that the amount of soy consumed through a vegetarian diet could interfere with medication used to treat hypothyroidism.

Cosmos Magazine journalist Jacinta Bowler reveals whether there is any merit to the myths surrounding the affects of plant-based milks on hormones and whether plant-based milks are any better for you than regular cow’s milk. 

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