Psychic Rebecca Rosen Believes Purpose Is Assigned At Birth

Have you ever wished you could dig into the deepest corners of your mind to find your life’s purpose? It’s a loaded question but psychic medium Rebecca Rosen may have the answer.

Author of What’s Your Heaven and renowned psychic Rebecca Rosen is an expert in helping people to reach the inner depths of their own wisdom; she is also well versed in pointing people down the right path to their greater purpose in life. 

“As an intuitive, she can tap into a deep source of wisdom, and over her decades of experience with this work, she has learned that the biggest lesson for each of us is that we have a divine purpose, and it’s our greatest responsibility to fulfill it,” host of Life of Greatness Sarah Grynberg said. 

Rebecca Rosen: What’s Your Heaven?

I think we’ve all at one point or another wondered if there is a purpose to the chaos that is life, well, Rebecca seems to think so. Through a number of traumatic experiences in her own life, she has been able to accept that what life has in store for us, may be what guides us through to our true purpose. 

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“When we talk about manifestation, a lot of the time we say, it’s not about what you want, it’s about who you are,” Rebecca said. 

Rebecca joins Sarah to discuss some deep topics including childhood trauma, harnessing lessons learned from this trauma, communicating with souls beyond the veil and why she believes each person is assigned a purpose at birth. 

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