Protein powder

Protein Powder Can Actually Cause You To Gain Weight

Have you ever decided to go on a health kick with a clear vision of the perfect body in mind, but when you enter your first health store – you become completely overwhelmed by the endless rows of protein and pre-workout powders? 

Well, you’re definitely not alone. Trying to figure out where to start when it comes to health supplements can be extremely daunting and often requires a certain degree of trial and error. 

While there are hundreds of options available to us, do these product really promote healthier bodies? If we aren’t spending seven days a week in the gym, will these supplements do us any good? 

Humans are heterotrophs, which means we obtain energy through the consumption of food and water, enabling our bodies to process the necessary vitamins and amino acids required for us to function day to day. 

While we can absorb protein through meat, eggs, dairy and soy products, sometimes this is not enough for those of us who are expending significant amounts of energy through exercise. 

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According to Cosmos Magazine journalist Matthew Agius, this is where protein powder can assist in maintaining healthy protein levels. 

“Topping up our body’s energy and protein makes a lot of sense,” he said.

“We also need fats and carbohydrates to give our cells the energy they need to do their job and support the functioning of our cells.
“Our bodies always need more energy and more protein to top up what we’ve used. 

“Whether we’re going for a run, pumping iron, or even just browsing the health food section at the local supermarket, we burn energy to function.”

Cosmos Magazine journalist Matthew Agius explores the big wide world of fitness supplements, explaining what goes into some of the most popular supplements, how they’re affecting our bodies and whether they actually benefit health seekers. 

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