One Of The World’s Most Famous Living Poets Shares Their Top Tips For Moving Through Grief

How can we reset the world and it’s ever-changing rhythms, effectively and collectively?

Sitting down with Sarah Grynberg is poet and author David Whyte, whose passion lies in the beauty of his words: in opening us up to explore our timeless relationship with others, the world, and the meaning of our existence within it.

In this enriching conversation (infused with poetry reading), Sarah and David shine a spotlight on life’s magic in all its forms; the dark waves of loss; and the power of hope we all possess to create the change we need, together.

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If you wish to understand the complexities of being human and how to climb above all its layers of strangeness, let this inspiring chat (and David’s extraordinary words) not only push you to reframe your inner narrative, but heal your pain, reconnect with others and reshape your future in the best possible way.

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