Matthew McConaughey Reveals How A Turbulent Upbringing Shaped Him As A Dad

How do we cultivate a miraculous existence?

In this rare and time-stopping interview, hear from the inimitable Academy Award-winning actor, Matthew McConaughey, who’s not only respected for his work, but also for his kindness and wisdom.

In this raw and intimate conversation with A Life Of Greatness’s Sarah Grynberg, hear Matthew as you have never before.

Together, they discuss his moral philosophies on life, the familial turbulence he struggled with in his youth (and how that shaped him as a father), the importance of living with meaning, and having respect for both yourself and others.

If you’ve ever thought it might be too late to live out your dreams, this life-changing conversation will remind you that we all have a gift to share with the world.

Catch the eye-opening chat with one of Hollywood’s greatest success stories:

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