Liz Hayes Speaks Out on Terrifying Stalker Ordeal

Joining Sarah Grynberg is television journalist, Liz Hayes, who has been on our screens for more than 40 years, and is the author of a new memoir, I’m Liz Hayes.  Liz will be recognisable to many as the host of Channel Nine’s Today show, and as an investigative reporter with 60 Minutes.

In this insightful conversation, Liz and Sarah discuss what it was like for her to sit down and question some of the world’s most dangerous people, how she approached some of her toughest interviews, and how to ask good questions. They even cover the fact that some of the hardest stories Liz has had to face, or tell, have been her own.

Liz also opens up about her experience dealing with a stalker.

I don’t really wish to speak about the person, but it’s obvious how these things happen is because they you’re seen on television or in my case, on television. You become public somehow somebody becomes fixated or has a certain belief about you. For me, it started at the Today show.”