Kellie Finlayson

Kellie Finlayson On Raising A Baby Whilst Living With A Terminal Illness 

Whilst sitting in a doctor’s office, holding her three-month-old baby, Kellie Finlayson and her husband, AFL star Jeremy Finlayson, suddenly had their world shaken when she was diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer.

Now, two years later, Kellie has joined Chloe Fisher and Ellidy Pullin on their Darling, Shine! podcast to share her inspiring story and raise awareness around the devastating disease. 

“I’ve been living for two and a half years since being terminally ill which people don’t actually… grasp… because I don’t look unwell,” she shared. 

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“If you look at me, I look so well. I do all the things. I’m still working as hard as I possibly can, while raising a daughter as well as I possibly can, doing all the things that normal people do. But I’m also fighting for my life every single day, but you don’t see that because I’m really good at protecting others.”

Take a listen to the important conversation below: 

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