Brendan Fevola & Nick Cody gagging with nauseous emoji in middle

This Caller’s Disgusting ‘Money Saving Hack’ Had Hosts Close To Vomiting

Ryan from Braeside called in to Fifi, Fev & Nick about his ‘at-home money saving hack’, however it took a turn for the worst when he revealed the lengths he took to save money.

Hear this caller’s disgusting ‘money saving hack’ HERE:

“Well, I’m gonna bring back the oldest trick in the book… I’ve been doing it recently”

“Having children is expensive, run them a bath, reuse that water”

“I’m sorry what” Fev replies

“Reuse it for other applications, boil it on the stovetop, make it a nice broth, reuse it for your pastas, your soups… protein shakes before you go to gym, shake it up”

*CUE GAGGING* I would happily spend extra on UberEATS, I don’t even care.

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