You’ll Never Guess What Christian Hull Submitted As Evidence To QLD Police

I feel like plenty of us have ALMOST accidentally sent a private photo or message to the wrong person and there’s nothing quite like that stomach punching dread you feel in those first few moments of realisation. 

So, apparently, Christian lived this absolute nightmare of a situation very recently and it’s even worse than you could possibly have imagined. 

In a hilarious and explicit attempt at vigilante justice, Christian was attempting to help the police solve a crime happening across the street from his home. 

Explicit: What I Accidentally Sent To QLD Police

Apparently, he just so happened to be the only person on the street with security cameras that captured the crime. 

“The security footage was the only security footage that captured this break in,” Christian said.

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“So, there was like five cameras and none of them worked and it’s my barber, and I was like, I’m just going to go and check my footage.”

Christian, was more than happy to play the hero for the super sexy cop who was asking for his help.

“I was like, I’m like, I’m f***ing saving the day, we’re going to catch this criminal.” 

But in what has to be the most hysterical stroke bad luck, when Christian handed over his footage, police got WAYYYY more than they bargained for. 

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