Wil Anderson Shakes Charlie Clausen Out Of 25-year ‘Cricket Coma’ Just In Time For Bitter Ashes Series 

In the latest episode of of TOFOP, Wil Anderson slams disgruntled English cricket fans who yelled abuse after the Australian men’s side beat England at Lords.

From Nathon Lyon batting injured, to Mitchell Starc’s sliding catch — the drama in the second Ashes Test kept building — only to climax when Jonny Bairstow was caught napping out of his crease and stumped by an opportunistic Alex Carey. 

The unusual wicket sent the English crowd into overdrive. The behaviour resulted in a public apology to the Australian side, but fans like Anderson back home, weren’t having it. 

Jump back on the Ashes bandwagon now by listening to TOFOP

Anderson called the historic Long Room a “palace of privilege” where fans sit around “not knowing anything about the spirit of cricket, where you have the opportunity to rub shoulders with some of the greatest athletes of all time, and then you behave like the actual peanuts that you are. Go f*** yourself. Suck s*** England.” 

Meanwhile, writer and actor, Charlie Clausen reveals he’s been in a ‘cricket coma’ for at least two decades and he might not have woken up if it weren’t for a recent Bluey episode, a dramatic Ashes series, and the cricketing passion of his long-time co-host, Wil Anderson.

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“It’s like a TV series, I missed a couple of seasons and then it was scary and like, ‘who are these people?’ — I wasn’t even going to watch the Ashes and here I am!”, he said.

The podcast episode is the perfect explainer to bring casual fans up to speed. Australia is leading the series 2-0 but three matches remain, and all possible outcomes are alive. 

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