Kanye West

What’s really going on with Kanye?

It not a stretch to say Kanye West is probably the most complicated figure in show business, we’re not sure how we’re meant to feel about him.

West’s rise to fame was almost immediate after his first album The College Dropout in 2004. Then he followed up with two more equally incredible albums within a three year timeframe: Late Registration (2005) and Graduation (2007).

With hits like “Gold Digger”, “Touch The Sky” and “Stronger”, it’s obvious why people were quick to tag him “a musical genius”.

Sadly, these days his known better for his public feuds and meltdowns. Who could forget that time at the 2009 MTV Music Awards when he jumped on stage, interrupting a young Taylor Swift’s award acceptance speech to protest that “Beyonce had the best video of all time!” Or his public rooting for the divisive former US President, Donald Trump? Or his outlandish behaviour during his very own presidential campaign?

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Now, we’re all witness to his incessant harassment of ex-spouse Kim Kardashian and her new boyfriend SNL star Pete Davidson, plastered all over Instagram. Kardashian shares four children with West, and one of his many accusations is that she is preventing him from seeing them. Just yesterday, the social media giant put a 24 hour ban on Kanye for spreading hate speech.

Whilst you can’t help but grab the popcorn and watch this “theatre show” divorce…maybe we need to be treating this more seriously. Maybe two truths exist when it comes to Kanye West – he may be  taking us all for a ride, but he also suffers from Bi-polar, a mental disorder that, if untreated, has very harmful impacts on the sufferer and those around them.

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