Love Actually Star Takes Part In Iconic Aussie Tradition

We all know and love the movie ‘Love Actually’ and believe it or not, Thomas Brodie-Sangster who played the little ginger kid who runs through the airport to say goodbye to the love of his life is now 33 years old and starring in the new Disney+ series ‘The Artful Dodger’ which is a spin off tale from Oliver Twist, filmed right here in Australia.

When Entertainment Reporter Justin Hill caught up with his Aussie co-star, actress Maia Mitchell, who you might remember as Callie from the TV show ‘The Fosters’, he wanted to know if they had a chance to do something truly Aussie once they wrapped filming – you know like do a shoey or get a tattoo together and her answer did not disappoint!

‘Love Actually’ Star’s Aussie Adventure

Watch the full interview with Maia below!

Check out the trailer below for The Artful Dodger, streaming on Disney+ now!

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