Nicho Hynes

Ladies Gather Round The Fire Pit: Nicho Hynes Has His Eye On Love Island Australia

Yes, you read that correctly: Cronulla Sharks star and the co-host of When We Grow Up Nicho Hynes has one eye FIRMLY on Love Island Australia.

The Sharkies halfback’s intentions were outted by his podcast co-host Marlee Silva, who started by revealing just how obsessed with Love Island Nicho is.

“Something I’ve learned and come to be quite impressed by with you, Nicho, is first of all, your ability to predict what’s going to happen.” Marlee said in the latest ep of When We Grow Up.

But Nicho isn’t just obsessed with watching the show; he then announced he wants to BE on Love Island, too: “If you’re not about it, get about it!”

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You can listen to the exact moment here!

It was actually a pretty revealing episode all round with Marlee and Nicho spilling the beans on the inner workings of the pod, with a sledge or two – including a pop at Marlee’s coffee breath – thrown in for good measure.

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