Truck Carrying ‘Hamish & Andy’ Merch Bursts Into Flames

If you’re waiting for some Hamish & Andy merch, we have some very unfortunate and completely unexpected news for you…

We had 25 orders out for delivery with a reputable Australian postal service when their truck suddenly burst into flames!

That’s right: the truck pulled a move from the beloved 80s comedy Spinal Tap and spontaneously combusted!

Honestly, you can’t make this stuff up…

Listen here:

So how did we get here?

The boys have been shipping their merch through Andy’s mate’s distribution company for years without any (ok, many) major issues.

While the truck’s self-immolation (an oft-overlooked protesting tactic) had nothing to do with Andy’s mate, his reputation led Hamish (a.k.a Mr. Fast and Loose) to opt against insurance.

“It fits our business model”

– Hamish Blake (on having no insurance)

Rest assured, we’ve learned our lesson: never underestimate a vehicle’s willingness to set itself on fire.

(All orders have been/are in the process of being fulfilled)

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