Nightmare fuel

This Hairy Example Reveals How Dire The Australian Rental Crisis Is

So, we all know how terrible the current rental crisis is in pretty much most major cities around the country. 

Well, we didn’t quite realise how bad it was until we heard this horrifying story from one of Abbie’s listeners, which is enough to make the hairs on your neck… or your downstairs stand up. 

“My Nipples are Hard From Disgust” A Rental Crisis Nightmare Fuel

So apparently, this 18-year-old student was moving out of home for the first time into a Melbourne unit and naturally became exhausted, making the numerous trips back and forth from her new unit to the car. 

“I’m not used to going on long drives at all, plus the multiple trips up and back to the unit with the car even, though there was a lift, it got me tired,” the caller said. 

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“So, I just wanted a bit of lie down, recharge on my bed – which just for context, the bed comes out of the wall and there’s a double mattress that came with the place.” 

So yeah, we’re already suss, especially Abbie who has an irrational fear of the bed flipping back up into the wall with her still tucked in.

ANYWAY, during her little kip on her new mattress, she found something so darn gross and frankly – confusing that will make you all want to double check your own mattresses tonight. 

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