1989 Oscars

The “Worst Oscars” Ceremony Hollywood Tried To Make Us Forget 

Image: ABC

Before settling in for the glitz and glam of this year’s Oscars, we’re taking a look back at the Academy Awards ceremony Hollywood would rather us forget! 

The event producer never worked again, the hosting actress fled back to her hometown, and 17 prominent Hollywood figures wrote an open letter proclaiming the ceremony as “an embarrassment to the industry.” 

For years, the 1989 Oscars has been labelled as the “worst ceremony ever,” but WHY is that? What even happened?? 

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With a mistaken winner announce, a host getting slapped and just an overall plethora of awkward moments having happened since then, is it still even the worst one? 

Take a listen below as Rosie Waterland and Jacob Stanely from Just The Gist break down exactly what happened to give the 1989 Academy Awards its infamous reputation: 

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