The Unlikely Job Sarah Harris Saved On Linked In Before Being Offered The Project 

Sarah Harris is one of Australia’s best known journalists and TV presenters. With her special mix of sass and smarts, the mother-of-two has made her mark on Australian screens as a reporter, presenter, and more recently as co-host of The Project, bringing over 20 years of journalism to the desk.

This week on The Jess Rowe Big Talk Show we hear about Sarah’s life as a mum, co-parenting children after divorce, what she thought her future career could be and she sets the record straight on recent dating rumours. There is so much to love about Sarah, which you’ll discover in this revealing conversation between good friends.

Towards the end of last year before this job offer at The Project came up and it was not something that I was looking for, had year left on my contract at 10, and Felt like things were wrapping up for me and I, I couldn’t shake the feeling and I would find myself going onto LinkedIn and saving job ads”.

Listen to what Sarah saved on The Jess Rowe Big Talk Show now: