The Secret iPhone Hack That Exposed The FBOY Island Sexting Scandal

So, in case you missed it, there’s been a whole lot of drama surrounding the FBOY Island finale, which was filled with so many juicy twists, we had to stop and catch our breath.

To summarise, Vernon’s ex-girlfriend Brogen was invited on the show’s finale to expose him for all of his bulls**t and it was just as chaotic as you might imagine. 

She revealed he broke up with her to be on the show and that when the show was over, he would come and find her again. 

“No Hard Feelings, Right?” FBOY Island Twist Gets Even More Hectic with Molly and Brogen

So yeah, it was pretty wild. But things got even wilder when Brogen and one of the three girls from the show, Molly joined Abbie for a chat and revealed that Vernon was living a double life. 

Now if you’re suss on your significant other and think they might be sexting someone else on the sly, according to Brogen, there’s a trick she used to find out that Vernon was sexting other people. 

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“When we would fight, he would go out and post these things to get, like, a reaction out of me,” Brogen said. 

“And then the next morning, I went through his phone and then there was recently deleted messages of him speaking to this girl, like sexting her.”

YES, you read that right. You can recover deleted messages from someone’s phone. 

Abbie is rattled by this information and decides to give it a crack, deleting and successfully recovering the messages from her own phone. 

For anyone out there suss on their partner, this is an absolute game changer.

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