Brad Guy

The Moment Brad Guy Thought He Was Going To Fall To His Death

For pretty much everyone, the idea of sky diving is EXTREMLY daunting with the worst-case scenario undoubtedly playing through our minds at some point. 

But for Christian’s friend Brad Guy, the worst-case scenario quickly became a terrifying reality during what he was hoping would be a thrilling, once in a lifetime experience (which it was, but for all the wrong reasons). 

If you haven’t put it together already, Brad went skydiving but when his parachute didn’t open, he went hurtling into the hard earth around 15,000 feet below. 

“My Parachute Didn’t Open. How I Survived” with Brad Guy: BONUS EP

Brad has recently written a book about the whole harrowing ordeal called “Freefall: How a Tragic Accident Led to a Miraculous New Life”. 

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On this episode of Complete Drivel, Christian chats with Brad about the absolute nightmare of a skydive in more detail, including how he’s been dealing with the trauma of the incident and the moment he plummeted from the sky as his family watched on helplessly. 

“I started at Fox in 2016, so retrospectively super fresh as a traumatised person and probably not really able to hold down a full-time job that had that much pressure,” Brad said. 

“[I] just wasn’t ready even three years later.” 

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