Jess and Denise

The Hilarious Bedroom Outfit Denise Drysdale Convinced Jess To Wear For Peter

In a bonus episode of The Jess Rowe Big Talk Show, we get an inside glimpse into the cheeky friendship of Jess and Aussie television royalty Denise Drysdale. 

In this hilarious and frank conversation, Jess and Denise take turns asking each other questions about their friendship. 

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Some of these questions leave them blushing with some the answers leaving them in absolute stitches, including the time Denise convinced Jess to put on a ‘special’ outfit for her partner Peter. 

“I said when Peter comes home… be in bed,” Denise said. 

“She rang me from the bedroom and she said I’m boiling hot and I said, ‘you can’t, you can’t. It’s too late – stay you’ve committed. Now you have to see it through.”

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According to Jess, Peter didn’t find the situation anywhere near as funny as the girls. 

“I pulled the doona down and said ‘SURPRISE!’” Jess said. 

“And there was just this pause, this silence and he went – ‘are you alright?’”

This hilarious bonus episode shows us just how close Jess and Denise really are with the pair sharing a bunch of hilarious stories and confessionals. 

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