Darling Shine

The Gals Dish On Their Last Hoorah In Vegas

The gals were in Vegas! It’s been a big week in LA for Ellidy and Chloe with the girls venturing out to Las Vegas Nevada for the weekend. 

Now back in LA and in full recovery mode, the girls are ready to debrief on the past week which was nothing short hectic. 

Knowing it’s going to be a full month before they see each other again, the girls jam-packed their week in LA with work followed by a rowdy weekend in Vegas. 

We’ve been wigging out that we’re not going to see each other for a while, so we’re just trying to have every single little bit of time that we possibly can together while we can. It’s sad. I’m going to miss you.

Chloe Fisher

Despite just returning from a big weekend in Vegas, Chloe is on the hook for another trip to the Glitter Strip with hubby Fisher – not before hosting her Mum and sister. 

Live from LA: Vegas Weekender and life update

While Chloe’s world on the road never stops, Ellidy is set to head back to Australia with her daughter Minnie and lays out exactly what it’s like to travel with a baby. 

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“I feel like I don’t really usually ever care about planes and shit. Like, you know, taking Minnie on the plane people are like, do you get, like, massive anxiety taking a baby on the plane? And usually I’m like, we’ve just got to do it,” Ellidy said. 

“If I’m more relaxed, she’ll be more relaxed kind of thing. But I’m feeling a bit like, oh my God, I really hope we both just sleep this entire plane trip because we get on at 10PM and then we land at 6AM Australia time.” 

The girls breakdown their massive week on tour, from Chloe’s recent uterus laparoscopy to their big Vegas weekend, Chloe and Ellidy share one last hoorah before they part ways. 

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