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Tom Gleisner Reveals He Will NOT Be Judge In New TGYH Season

Have You Been Paying Attention? host and original judge of Thank God You’re Here Tom Gleisner has revealed that he will not reprise his role as judge in the new season revival.

Tom Gleisner on Thank God You’re Here:

“Something that is coming is Thank God You’re Here. Now, will you be judge?” Fev questions

“No… Celia Pacquola is hosting, and the judge is to be revealed shortly”

Fifi Box, who has done the show multiple times in the past, is put under the spotlight for the 2023 season.

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“Fifi, is there any chance we talk you into stepping through that door? What would it take?!”

“One of the scariest things I’ve ever done is Thank God You’re Here… and I am, this many years later, as terrified”

Might have to watch this space!

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