Cover art from Brigid Delaney's new book Reasons Not To Worry

Stoicism: How To Navigate Uncertain Times

Whilst a lot of us baked cakes and binged Netflix, writer for The Guardian and author Brigid Delaney dived into Stoic philosophy, as she wrote her new book on Stoic philosophy.

She discovered these ancient Greek scholars who, having dealt with dark times way before we did had written a framework to help us navigate modern maladies.

A philosophy that simply put, finds solace in embracing the bigger picture.

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“I was just inhaling it in those early months and was really shocked how something so old actually sounded super fresh.”

Brigid Delaney

With the Queen’s death last week, a new King and discussion about Australia’s future in the Commonwealth, we talk about how to lead a joyfully stoic life and why worrying is simply a waste of time. Delaney’s new book Reasons Not To Worry is out next week.