Steph IGNORED A Text From Leonardo DiCaprio

I think it’s common knowledge that Leonardo DiCaprio is somewhat of a ladies man. Aside from his obvious, STUNNING good looks, he’s also extremely talented and – massive green flag – is a climate action activist. 

While he’s starred in some of the biggest films in the world including Titanic and Romeo and Juliet where he inadvertently romanced the hell out of an entire generation, he’s most recently become notorious for his long list of forever youthful beauties. 

For some reason, Leo is now famous for dating and breaking up with women before they hit the ripe-old age of 25. Despite this, pretty sure most millennials would still have him on their hall pass list. 

Laura’s SHOCKING admission + Steph ghosted Leo DiCaprio!!!

Turns out, KICPOD’s Steph Claire Smith had the opportunity many of dreamed of. Leonardo DiCaprio texted her and she straight up IGNORED HIM. 

Wild. Apparently while she was living her best life, partying it up in a nightclub in the US, she caught Leo’s eye. 

“So I was dancing on my own for most of the night, and I noticed someone looking at me… and I realised this guy is wearing one of those hats, like those English hats and I was like he kinda looks like Leonardo Dicaprio,” Steph said.

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“My friend came over and was like, Steph, apparently Leonardo DiCaprio is here. This is when he’d just done Gatsby, so like Prime.”

While knowing he was just in the same club would have floored most of us, Steph was invited for a meet and greet. 

“He was like, can I grab your number? I’d love to take you out for dinner to like some of the nicest restaurants around here.” 

Steph dishes on the entire interaction, why she decided to duck his text messages and why on earth she didn’t cash in on a celebrity hall pass. 

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