Dan Savage

Sex Guru Dan Savage Shares What He Considers Relationship “Cancer”

This week Abbie is joined by one of the world’s biggest podcasters who dedicates his career to talking openly and honestly about sex and politics. 

Dan Savage, host of Savage Lovecast is renowned for his saucy chats about sex; from advice to random sex facts like why exercise can lead to better sex, Dan’s seen and heard it all. 

While he’s obviously got a stellar reputation as an advice columnist, he’s also an author and LGBTQ activist who doesn’t shy away from honest politics. 

It’s ACTUALLY Dan Savage!!!

Dan catches up with Abbie to chat about all things sex including her stint on The Bachelor, which saw Abbie cop a fair amount of backlash. 

“I got all this vitriol online for being vein and shallow and not understanding what real love is. But I wrote this article a couple months afterwards saying that basically it’s a major differentiator for me between friendships and romantic relationships,” Abbie said. 

Dan has his own outlook on sex within a relationship, telling Abbie a sex drought could be a sign of significant problems within the relationship. 

“If everything else is perfect and the sex wasn’t there, you would have cancer. That’s a cancer on a relationship,” he said. 

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While he says sex is important for young relationships, Dan believes it’s pretty normal for a relationship to become deeper than the physical. 

“You know, over time, over the decades, sex becomes less important,” he said. 

“Every once in a while in the newspaper they’ll print a story, you know, photo of two 95 year old’s who are still married. They’ve been married for 70 years, 75 years and they’re holding hands. Everyone’s like, Oh, that’s so sweet.

“But like at some point, their love, connection, intimacy, longevity, it transcended sex. At some point, sex fell away.”

Dan opens up about his own relationship with his husband Terry and offers Abbie some honest advise about open relationships and shares which part of her stint on The Bachelor he was most proud of. 

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