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Paul Walker’s Daughter Makes Exciting Fast And Furious Announcement

He was the star of the screen when it came to the Fast & The Furious franchise and sadly passed away in 2013. But now, Paul Walker’s daughter Meadow has made an incredibly exciting announcement about her involvement in the movie franchise that is set to honor his legacy! Hear all about it below…

Paul Walker’s Daughter Makes Exciting Fast & Furious Announcement 

Did you hear about the WILD rumours around Kevin Costner getting someone pregnant on the set of Yellowstone? He’s made a statement about it, hear what he says below!

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Kevin Costner Responds To Accusations He Got Someone Pregnant On Yellowstone Crew

If you’re a fan of Dawson’s Creek, Joshua Jackson has explained the truth about a long-running scene in season 1, hear what he says here!

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