Paris Hilton Joins Abbie Chatfield For A Tell All Exclusive

Paris Hilton chats with Abbie Chatfield about her new book, Paris: The Memoir. Touching on her ADHD journey, her appreciation for her partner Carter, and parenting advice.


Abbie describes Paris: The Memoir as “heart breaking, inspiring, funny, interesting, relatable and also other worldly all in one, its been one of the best reads ever.”

Abbie and Paris both discuss their ADHD journeys. With Paris saying “No one was really talking about it (ADHD).

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People are talking about it more and more now and that’s another reason I talked about it in the book as I think there’s such a stigma behind it, and people don’t really understand it. I think it’s important for people to know that you can go through a lot of things in life and still make something really amazing out of yourself”

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