The Top Motivational Podcast Episodes To Kick Off 2023


If you’re looking for a bit of #NewYearsInspo, look no further!

Here are the best motivational podcast episodes to start the new year:

Hamish & Andy Episode 191:

In this episode, Australia’s favourite podcast duo (and Jack) present their best inspirational quotes.

Sure, they’re for workouts, but they’re still applicable!

Catch the chat:

A Life Of Greatness – Johann Hari: Reclaiming Our Stolen Focus

Do you find yourself starting something and then quickly losing focus? There may be a good reason for it!

Author Johann Hari joined Sarah Grynberg to reveal how our focus isn’t being lost but stolen!

Find out how:

Adam & Symon – 9 Apples And A 1KG Sandwich

The title really speaks for itself, but it doesn’t make this special episode any less special!

We simply refuse to believe there’s anything more motivational than hearing a grown man smash a 1KG sandwich…!

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Listen here:

Matt & Alex – Australia’s Loosest Luger

In this unique episode of All Day Breakfast, Matt & Alex hear the inspirational story of an every-day Aussie making the big time with international luging!

For clarification, luging is a sport similar to sledding (not the act of hocking a loogie)!

Hear his story:

KICPOD Episode 171 – Sarah Davidson

If you’re lacking confidence or need some advice on owning your identity, Sarah’s got you covered.

Find out how to discover the new year’s new you:

That’s Enough Already – Iliza Shlesinger

Sitting down with Urzila Carlson, comedian Iliza Shlesinger shared some hilarious insight into being a new mum, and why she thinks you shouldn’t give a toss about what other people think!

Calling her an inspiration would be an understatement!

Catch the episode: