Nath Gets Scammed at “Disney” Audition

The ‘It’s A Lot Podcast with Abbie Chatfield’ has just dropped and Abbie has spoke to “the best white straight men” she knows, her former radio buddies ‘Jimmy and Nath’. The boys take the mic to spill the beans on Nath’s wild quest for Disney stardom when he was just a fresh-faced 19-year-old.

So, picture this, – Nath walks into an audition room filled with kids who look like they just learned to tie their shoelaces, but he still nails it. The judges were all over him, and he couldn’t help but dial his drama teacher in excitement. But, hold on to your Mickey ears, it turns out this gig was “almost like a cult.” They wanted him to cough up a cool $60,000 for a course that promised to make him a Disney superstar…

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Click that audio player below and dive in. It’s Disney dreams gone haywire, secrets from behind the curtain…

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