Actor brandon routh dressed as superman on a greenscreen

Superman Star Brandon Routh Reveals Flying Stunt Secrets Ahead Of Trip Down Under

While we gear up for a new Superman movie to hit cinemas this time next year, one of the OG stars of the Superman Returns movie, Brandon Routh is on his way to Australia and caught up with Entertainment Reporter Justin Hill ahead of his appearance at Metro Comic Con.

Justin spoke with Brandon about his time as Superman and got the secrets to looking graceful while shooting those flying stunt scenes!

When speaking about what he loves about meeting fans at events like Metro Comic Con, Brandon revealed “many times, more recently in the last few years… I’m open to more sharing from people. I can see that they have something to say and if they’re not overtly open with it I ask them… the memory or the experience they wanted to share… and I’m enjoying that part of the experience. The great thing is hearing how much this character has meant to people and impact it’s had on their lives. I appreciate those moments more and more”.

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