Amy Poehler Opens Up: Why Getting Inside Out 2 Right Matters More Than Ever

Inside Out has become an animated classic with the first film dropping in cinemas in 2015 and almost 10 years later, the sequel is here.

Based on the story of Riley, the films show us what it would be like if we could see the emotions in our mind as characters including Joy played by the incredible Amy Poehler.

When Entertainment Reporter Justin Hill caught up with Amy recently, they discussed the idea of kids growing up with movies like Toy Story and now Inside Out and what is most important that they get right about the stories…

“I want to serve the script. It’s so good, I just wanna show up as an actor… and do a good job” Amy revealed to Justin.

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Inside Out 2 welcomes a whole heap of new emotions as Riley turns 13 including Anxiety voiced by Maya Hawke (who you might know from Stranger Things), Embarrassment, Envy and more! We get to see what happens as Riley becomes a teenager and her mind wrestles with these new emotions taking over…

Inside Out 2 arrives in cinemas on June 13.

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