Matt Okine

Matt Okine Was Kidnapped By A Taxi Driver

Most of us have had a rough experience with a taxi driver at least once in our lives but for Matt, it seems to be a fairly frequent occurrence.

While usually it’s a driver just trying to tack on an extra few dollars to a trip, Matt’s most recent experience was a little more extreme.

Matt gets kidnapped

So apparently, Matt was kidnapped by a taxi driver a couple of weeks ago and the story is bonkers. 

“I was like, fine, I’m going to get out right now. Just stop. Let me out right here because there was traffic lights,” Matt said. 

“I’m like, no, just let me out right here, we’ve ended this, and he goes, no.” 

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Matt was naturally in the back of the maxi-taxi having an absolute meltdown while the driver refused to stop the car and let him out. 

“I start like yelling. I was like making a full fuss of this, I’m like let me out now, I feel unsafe!” 

In this episode of Matt & Alex All Day Breakfast, Matt shares all of the hilarious details of his ridiculous taxi horror story. 

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