Matt Agnew Opens Up About The Regret He Holds Regarding Abbie Chatfield After The Bachelor

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Dr. Matt Agnew is best known for his role on the Bachelor, but he’s so much more. Matt is an astrophysicist and he’s passionate about educating people about the beauty and magic of science.

For the first time, on The Jess Rowe Big Talk Show Matt opens up about his long battle with mental illness, and how disruptive it’s been to his life and career. In this episode Matt reveals his constant battle with his own mind which he describes as exhausting and ‘an enemy that never tires’.

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He also shares a personal message for anyone at a low point or battling mental illness including the importance of having uncomfortable conversations with our inner circle of support.

For Bachelor fans, Matt also opens up about the regret he felt after the show, and how he feels about Abbie Chatfield and her success now.

Listen to the Chat with Jess Rowe now: