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MAFS Harrison Says What He’s Done On The Show Is Nothing Compared To Other Couples

Married At First Sight Groom Harrison caught up with Mike E and Emma on RNB Fridays Radio to spill the tea about last night’s ep PLUS he had a bunch of things to say about his wife Bronte, the whole incident in the club, and ‘ladies man’ Dan.

Interestingly, Harrison also took aim at the other couples saying they were “throwing stones from glass houses”… WTF?!

Listen below…

MAFS Harrison Says What He Has Done Is Nothing Compared To Other Couples

Harrison said his moment with the number at the nightclub was “insignificant” and when asked if Lyndall and Claire had things to hide, he said, “that was a really good bit of foreshadowing… there are things people do that will make a phone number look like nothing…”.

Oh we cannot WAIT to see what he’s talking about – what a tease!

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