TikTok Star Samantha Andrew Opens Up About The Egg Freezing Process For Her Trans Boyfriend

If you haven’t yet come across the hilarious Samantha Andrew on TikTok or Instagram, oh boy you’re going to want to follow her after today’s chat! Sam is a TikTok sensation, comedian, actor, composer, writer and content creator, but she also isn’t afraid to show a more vulnerable side of herself to her audience.

Sam’s partner Cody is a trans man, and recently the pair shared online their extraordinary experience of Cody freezing his eggs, documenting each stage and educating people about what they mightn’t have known was even possible. In today’s episode, Sam opens up about what this process was like for them both.

“Me and my partner Cody have been together for a few years now, he is a trans man. He decided that he wanted to freeze his eggs. That was something that I didn’t even know was possible for trans men to do”

Listen to the chat now!

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