Kate Ceberano Reveals She Was Self-Conscious Around Her Friend, Michael Hutchence

Kate Ceberano is a woman of many talents – an accomplished singer songwriter, artist and performer with a music career spanning four decades. 

Now a woman with several impressive accolades including 11 platinum albums, 10 top 10 singles and collaborations with massive artists including national treasure John Farnham, Kate has just released her 30thalbum. 

The new album features an assortment of Kate’s biggest hits along with a few of her personal favourites, reimagined to the tune of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. 

While her life is undoubtedly full of impressive achievements, her journey to stardom has not been an easy one. 

Kate Ceberano ‘I don’t talk about it as much as I would like to’

Despite oozing energy and star power on stage, Kate hasn’t always been the picture of confidence, telling Jess Rowe she felt uncool and self-conscious off stage. 

“I’ll tell you, it couldn’t have been more diametrically opposed to that image because young Kate very shy, enormously shortsighted, couldn’t see a foot in front of my face,” she said. 

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“Terribly bad skin and very anxious socially because I just wanted so much to be liked that I couldn’t actually comfortably sit with any of my favourite friends, of whom I classify Michael Hutchence a great friend,

“Of all of that space, you know, in that time I just couldn’t hold my shit.” 

It might be hard to believe watching her perform, but Kate explains that she only ever felt cool while on stage. 

I felt so uncool and the only time I could ever feel that I was cool, was when I would exit her skin and walk into stage skin.

Kate Ceberano

“From that place, I just let myself rip and I would just take whatever was going on in that day or the day before, and I would change the narrative on stage and correct it.”

Kate opens up to Jess Rowe about her meteoric rise to the top, revealing that a majority of the time, she felt just as human as the rest of us. 

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